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Sir Humphrey 
Batch Hall
(Plus The Famous Cricket Match)

'Languor and enchantment, that was the essence, the very essence, of punting, he decided dreamily, and felt the sudden bump and pull of the midstream current as the boat met it bow on. ...'

' ... an Elizabethan confection, striped this way and that with black half-timbers on white, reminding him of the liquorice squares when he was a kid.' 

Old England on a bike.

"Another great contribution to English literature by Peter Maughan ..."

“Farce, fun and wonder ..."

"This sequel is better than the first book ... it was like I had never left the magical world of Batch Magna ..."

"Who would have thought another book could come out of the first that was so perfect ...?"

"Just when I was about to throw up my hands in despair over the disappearance of classical literary fiction  ... along comes Peter Maughan and his looney and wonderful friends from Batch Magna."

"Cuckoos flies on in mad, idiosyncratic splendour ..."

In the first novel in the Batch Magna story, The Cuckoos of Batch Magna, the old squire died, and the life of distant relative Humphrey, an amiable, overweight short-order cook from the Bronx, turned overnight into a movie. One in which he even got the girl - the right girl, in the end. 

The road to that end was rocky and fraught, and half the time wasn't going at all in the direction he wanted to go – or thought he wanted to go. Until the end ...

And now, in Sir Humphrey of Batch Hall, they marry. They settle into Batch Hall and look to their the future – a future which threatens to be short lived.

Their finances at this early stage rests, shakily, on the estate’s shooting and fishing, stepping stones to that more secure future. And they come to have cause to hope that they will get there. 

Until the day a cold wind from the world beyond the hills of their valley visits Batch Magna in the shape of badger baiters discovered in Cutterbach Wood. They are routed, but their defeat entails such disaster that Humphrey and his new wife are driven to the wall, left with no way out but to sell the estate, to sell their future in that place.

And then Miss Wyndham, village spinster and amateur sleuth, rides to the rescue on the 49 bus

Sir Humphrey
Batch Hall
(Plus the Famous Cricket Match)

'Just when I was about to throw up my hands in despair over the disappearance of classical literary fiction - beautifully crafted novels which are not dependent upon a genre classification, along comes Peter Maughan and his looney and wonderful friends from Batch Magna.'

Linda A, Root, United States (California)  Amazon review.

'This sequel is better than the first book ... it was like I had never left the magical world of Batch Magna with its charmingly quirky characters and the sunny, lazy days of an endless summer. The action takes up just where the previous book left off and the tone, pacing and particular flavour are exactly the same, which is, in itself, a rare accomplishment. If anything, Peter Maughan has become even more confirmed in his unique style, mastering the material so fully that reading these delightful stories feels like sitting in a riverside pub, listening to a friend tell the tale ... full of gentle humour and lyrical observation of country life in that magical never-never dimension between land and river, England and Wales, reality and wishful thinking.'

Angelica Bentley (Dolphin) France, A Maze of Reviews. Top Amazon 500 Reviewer.

'... It (Batch Magna) is a world with a similar flavour to the one that H E Bates' Pop Larkin adored. And maybe there's also a dash of Blandings Castle in it. Whatever its heritage, there are hardly any books like it around these days and where they exist, they are to be loved and  cherished.'
Amazon (UK) review.

'Set in the half-English half-Welsh village of Batch Magna, and following on delightfully from The Cuckoos of Batch Magna, Sir Humphrey of Batch Hall is a thoroughly enjoyable novel of farce, fun and wonder. Lyrically told with a wonderful literary feel, it’s filled with great characters, glorious scenery, and joyful happenstance; enjoying the same 'foolishly happy, disreputable air, suggestive of a down-at-heel aristocrat' as its characters and place; and truly warming the heart while entertaining the mind ...'

Shelia Deeth (OR USA) Top Amazon 1000 Reviewer (Vine Voice).

'The books are timeless treasures because the reader comes to know and love the main characters ...' 

Serena E. Stout, (USA) Amazon review. 

'... Peter Maughan gives readers a special treat with Sir Humphrey of Batch Hall - Plus The Famous Cricket MatchWhere do you love to read? Wherever it is take this book with you and indulge in pure pleasure.' 

Nash Black, US, Amazon Vine Voice.

'... A natural wordsmith and a gifted raconteur with a painterly eye, the author of this delightfully eccentric series is deeply rooted in his native soil, and his abiding love for that holy ground grounds his work whilst giving it wings to soar by means of his exquisite, mellifluous prose! Here, Batch Magna meets Badger's Drift and St Mary Mead in an unforgettable story arc enlivened by the unforgettable Sir Humphrey of Batch Hall. Peter Maughan's Batch Magna series is one for the ages. In a fretful, frenetic era fraught with the tensions and complexities of globalism and information overload, it reaffirms the reality that all politics is local and the simple life is actually the richest. Peter Maughan and his mischievous characters will stand the test of time, and his Batch Magna series will stand alongside Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and long outlive Caroline Graham's Midsomer Murders.'

E. Llewelyn (London, UK), essayist, poet, and author of the 'Suicide Ride' series. 

'I recommend that new readers buy 'Cuckoos' first to get the lowdown on the continuing characters. Then you will know what the rave reviews are all about ...' 

James Ellsworth, US, Amazon Vine Voice.

'So often sequels leave one in morose disappointment, but in this sequel Cuckoos flies on in mad, idiosyncratic splendour ... I seriously have to agree with what other Amazon reviewers have said about Peter Maughan's work. These books deserve to, and I'm sure will, become classics of English literature.' 

FelicityM, Herefordshire, United Kingdom, Amazon review.

'Another great contribution to English literature by Peter Maughan. Not only a revisit to Batch Magna with its delightful Welsh characters and events, but an additional, priceless description of a cricket match that may well go down in history. Reading Peter Maughan's work is like having the privilege of being one of the first to discover Dickens. Don't miss out on anything this author produces. I predict his work will never be out of print, not to mention easily available as ebooks. Be sure to check out and read his 13 short stories taking us through the seasons in Under the Apple Boughs, which may well be some of the finest writing in the English language.'  

Henrietta Bellows LaLa, (United States), Amazon review.

'Who would have thought another book could come out of the first that was so perfect? Peter Maughan did it, though! In a previous review of his first book I compared him to two of my favorite authors. In this one, I'm beginning to think of E.F. Benson and the Lucia books. It is so incredible when a writer takes ordinary people and situations and turns them into an extraordinary adventure story. Who needs thrillers and mysteries? Nothing like a small village for drama ...!' 

Clarissa Simens (Poet in FL) USA, Amazon review.

'As you journey with the folks of this fabulous town, you will grow to love them as if you have known them for generations. Peter Maughan has proven himself a master storyteller. The Cuckoos of Batch Magna was proof of that & he continues to grace the pages of his books with eloquence & magic. These are sure to become favorites of literary fans of any genre ...

If you've yet to be blessed enough to read one of Peter Maughan's novels, than there's no time like the present! Personally, I recommend purchasing Cuckoos plus Sir Humphrey. Once you read one, you'll have to read the next! As is customary for Peter's work, Sir Humphrey is a five star novel!

I received an eBook copy in exchange for an honest review. ALL opinions are mine. Please visit your favorite retailer to purchase your own copies (you won't be sorry) or use the buy links added below.'

Liz Terek, (USA), Amazon review.

Sir Humphrey of Batch Hall - Plus the Famous Cricket Match